The first year of your little one’s life is the most precious of all – you will surely avail of the must have baby products that you see and you will surely secure his or health by providing the things that he or she needs. Baby shopping is exciting but most probably, the things that you need for the basics are usually provided by your friends during the baby shower. However, it is still okay to be sure. Hats, mittens, diapers, child-friendly shampoos and conditioners, soaps, and baby toys – these are the things that your baby needs.


The list of the must have baby products will go on and on, but all you need are the essentials. First on the essentials list are your baby’s clothing, they are usually sized as preemie, newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months. Babies grow up fast so if you buy clothes for them, always make sure you get the next size. Organic or cotton clothing? There’s really no difference. As long as you use a gentle, baby-friendly detergent that goes with it, your baby will be free from irritation. As for your baby’s shoes, you really do not need to buy him or her hard-soled shoes. Your baby’s feet grow bigger by the minute. Doctors highly recommend that until your baby’s ambling well, you should settle with socks or non-skid bottom booties.

Your baby’s intimate parts are the most important. You should choose products that will prevent him or her from having harsh rashes. Secure a lot of baby wipes all the time. As for your baby’s gears, a stroller and a car seat are needed. These things will protect your baby from falling or hitting their heads. And the last addition to the must have baby products list is your baby’s milk bottle – make sure that your baby’s bottle is exact for his or her little mouth. Newborns usually start with the 4-ounce size but in the long run, your little one will need 8-ounce bottles. Make sure the nipple openings of the bottles are exact so that your baby would not drown.

Easy To Find

These are the most essential baby products that your baby needs. They are very easy to find so if you are a new parent (or perhaps, a parent-to-be), these essentials are basically what you need. You can add others things, too, but these are the must have baby products for your baby’s first year.