When new parents are preparing for their baby, they think a lot about useful baby gear and baby gear they won’t need that much. This is important because if you do not think it over, you can end up buying a lot of baby stuff that you won’t use at all. Many experienced parents would probably recommend 2 or 3 products that every parent should buy for their newborn baby. For them, diapers, gear that is used for babywearing and feeding are the most important things. After that, they are finding a place where the baby will rest and things used for bundling up the baby.

A good carrier for babywearing is very important. Baby wrap is a thing that not many parents use but it is really helpful. Some parents will say that this is the only thing you need for babywearing.

For diapering you’ll need diapers, diaper cream and wipes. Many parents also use cloth diapers which can be used more than once.

For feeding the baby, you will need nursing tops, breast pads, bottle warmer, breastfeeding bra, watter bottles for moms, a boppy pillow, bottle rack and recliner. Some mothers would recommend not buying all of these things because many of them did not even use all of them.

baby gear

For bundling up the baby you will need soft goods like sheets, blankets, towels, warm and cute clothes, baby clothes, baby hats and swaddler.

For resting you are recommended to buy baby swing but many mothers will tell you that there is no need for that. Your baby can rest in your hips and you can hold it in your arms and sway it.

Besides gear for the baby, support for the mama is needed, too. Lactation support is number one on the list. Even if you plan not to breastfeed your baby, your milk will still come, so the support will come in hand.