The perfect gift for a baby can be a unique baby toy. There are so many baby toys that come in different colors, shapes and sizes, but we’ve seen all of them. When people go to a child’s birthday they expect to see helicopters, cars, Barbie dolls or a kitchen set. If you want to surprise everyone present with your gift you may have to look harder and pay attention to the following advices. Babies are fascinated by colors. Choosing a toy with bright colors can stay in the baby’s focus for longer. Toys in colors can help the child’s development.

They will help the baby learn to distinguish different parts of the toy. A good idea for a toy in bold colors is something that comes in parts and spaces that need to be matched. That way the baby can learn to match the missing part with the right space and reinforce the coordination of colors and shapes. Toys like this are the Touch and Sing blocks by Neurosmith and also, Lamaze offers a wide range of toys that are based on the principle of learning.

Toys that make sounds can be very appealing to babies, as well. Soft and sweet sounds are what you should look for. Sharp noises can only scare the child. Music is considered to have a great influence on the child’s development so introducing music to the child while the baby is still young is a great idea. The baby will be happy to play with a toy that produces sounds. If the toy is a mixture of sounds and shapes then you have a winner. Toys from Edushape like Baby’s first birthday music set, the Mozart block or touch and sing blocks can be an excellent choice.

Baby Toys


Whatever you do, you need to keep the toy simple but fun. You can’t buy a one year old  a toy for a three year old and expect to like it. Baby toys should become more complex as the kid grows and learns new things. When you look for a unique baby toy look for something that is on the same level of complexity as the kid can handle. You can try and exceed just a little bit.

The point with the toys is to help the baby develop motor skills and to synchronize them. You can ask the assistant at the toy shop to help you choose a unique baby toy that can help the baby improve the hand and eye coordination, the manual dexterity and the attention span. Toys like colored blocks, rattles and animals are an excellent choice. Another important characteristic that baby toys should have is cause and effect. Toys that respond to touch or movement give the baby a sense of power and awareness of itself. Educational toys like squeak toys and musical toys are a good choice. A unique baby toy should be able to stimulate the baby’s five senses and help the baby learn and have better skills.