Gayle Middleton is the famous toy designer of Hasbro plush pets and plastic ponies for kids. Children love his toys and love playing with them. Gayle’s designs made world-wide toy brands worth billions of dollars out of My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop.

In 2003, Middleton redesigned My Little Pony for Hasbro. Then, in 2005, Hasbro hired Middleton again for redesigning Littlest Pet Shop. Gayle Middleton has worked with Steven Spielberg on ET, with Gene Roddenberry on Star Trek and with Charles Schulz on Snoopy and has created pet toys for them. After re-launching Littlest Pet shop with the help of Middleton’s designs, the company saw increased sales in the next 5 years, from $60 million to $600 million.

After this success, Middleton was happy to see that her designs were so famous and loved by the toy community. She also wanted to share with the public and the fans another concept for toys, a very different idea of hers.

Middleton explains that after so many years of working with Hasbro and Disney, she started drawing funny but odd vampire babies. She says these drawings started in 2006, and her vampire babies were drinking dragon blood from a bottle. Middleton even thinks that maybe she was surrounded by so much cuteness that she needed something different. She needed a solution on how to handle that cuteness overload. Therefore, the babies that she was drawing were cute but naughty at the same time. As bizarre as it may seem, it was a surprising turn of events. Middleton says she became obsessed with these drawings and the vampire babies. She was drawing them continuously for around 3 years, so in the end, she found a name for this collection – Vamplets.

In 2010, Middleton launched the collection with 6 vampire babies and the collection was immediately sold out. In the next couple of years, the collection got werewolf babies, cyclop babies, zombie babies and abominable snow babies.

At the moment, Middleton has a Kickstarter campaign running. The campaign is for funding the newest designs – small fur balls with the name Bitemares and a Baby Undead Dragon.