Having a baby is the most wonderful thing in the world, but it can be expensive at times with all those diapers, daycare, car seats and cribs. Results have shown that in America, parents spend around $14 000 for their babies only in the first year. But, there are various ways of getting everything you need for your baby and not spending a lot.

Experienced parents will tell you that you’ll need a shopping strategy because when having a baby, shopping can be overwhelming and you may end up buying lots of things that you might not need at all. You might even need to think about “less is more”.

Mothers who want supplement with formula for breast milk should look for store-brand formula milk. These infant formulas contain the same nutrients as name-brand formulas, are regulated by Food and Drug Administration and cost 50% less than name-brand formulas. This means parents can save around $600 in one year.

If you don’t want to stick to only one child and you’re planning to have more than one, then you should buy neutral clothes and products. This way you’ll be able to use those clothes and products on both boys and girls. Think orange, black, red, green, silver or lime green.

Budget-Friendly Gear

Since the diapers are probably the most expensive thing that you will spend money on, you should think about using reusable diapers. The cloth diapers are just as easy and as useful as the disposable diapers.

When buying baby gear, try to buy something that will have multiple purposes and will be used for more than one thing. Imagine a blanket that can be used also as a playmat or a nursing cover. Or, find an app that will help you use your phone as a baby monitor.

Find out more about the Affordable Care Act because with this act around 80% of the insurance companies can cover the costs for breast pumps. It won’t be a totally free breast pump, but it will help with your expenses for sure.

These are just some of the ideas that can help you in getting everything you need for the baby and saving some money at the same time. These tips will help you understand that you shouldn’t be spending everything in the first year after your baby was born.