Babies are highly sensitive when it comes to dirt and dust which is why parents should be very keen about cleanliness and they should know how to clean baby toys thoroughly. Consider the fact that your little one won’t be just playing with his or her toys but a lot of nibbling and gnawing will happen. It is just right for you to learn how to clean your baby’s prized possessions. We believe that you would not sweat at all. With the most basic materials that can be found in your kitchen, there is nothing to worry about.

Simple and Cheap

One technique on how to clean baby toys is gathering one cup of water, another cup of distilled white vinegar, a spraying bottle and any piece of cloth. Very simple and cheap, right? First off, mix the water and the distilled white vinegar together. Put them in a spraying bottle and shake. Spray some of it in the piece of cloth. Then after, start wiping the toys. The smell of vinegar fades away completely after it dries so its smell should be no problem as well. This method, however, is for the hard toys – mostly teethers, plastic and wood toys.

As for the stuffed ones, your washing machine may come in handy. Usually there are washing directions in the toy’s tag but if there’s none, here’s what you need in this technique is vinegar and baking soda. Start by mixing 3 cups of white vinegar into the washing machine. Then, put in your little one’s stuffed toys. Stuffed toys that are usually of cotton and polyester material usually survive the washing machine. This is probably the easiest way how to clean baby toys.

Very Convenient

These are two of the many techniques out there but these are the most helpful of all. Simple and hassle-free. A better way to secure your child’s cleanliness is to clean your child’s surroundings first. Make sure that your baby’s blanket, pillow or even his or her crib is free from the dust bunnies. After all, it is not only for the sake of your baby’s health but yours as well. Be stress-free from now on. You don’t have to worry anymore because now, you definitely know why you need to clean and most importantly, how to clean baby toys.