Busy parents want to leave their kids with proven babysitters. Sometimes it’s really difficult to find the right person who will take a good care and offer everything they can to keep the kids satisfied when you are not around. The process of finding and keeping the right babysitter could be adventurous. Your new babysitter is the new stranger in the family that will have a huge responsibility. We decided to offer you 5 easy steps that you should follow for finding the best babysitter possible.

Your Friends:

Your friends can play a huge role in finding the right babysitter. Ask them to help you find the right person. Ask questions about their babysitters in order to see what suits you and to know what to look for. Be advised that these people won’t be interested in sharing their babysitter, but they will give you several recommendations. Sometimes it’s easier than asking your family and friends for advice. Ask them some optional questions like:

  • How long do you have them taking care of your kids?
  • How old should he/she be?
  • Are they certified with some kind of accredited certification?
  • How much do you pay them?

Services for Babysitters:

The second place where you should ask for help is your computer. There are many babysitter agencies and services that will help you find the right person for your kids. You can browse them by profiles and pictures and learn everything you can for the candidates before inviting them over for an interview.

The Interview:

This is the turning point about hiring them. You have this one chance for getting to know the candidate better. Make sure you have more choices from whom you can pick. Interview all of them and ask them whatever you want. Prepare the same questions for all of them, make sure you’ve included your expectations and see how they will react to them. You would want to cover these subjects: compensation, emergencies, rules and previous experience. These should be the leading points for making your list of questions.

Before the Hiring:

The final point before the hiring should be the meeting with the kids. When you pick 3 or 5 babysitters who are great to fulfill the position, bring them over again to meet the kids. See how the babysitters and the kids will react when meeting each other. Sometimes the kids have the 6th sense to detect if something isn’t right with the babysitter. That’s why this meeting is crucial for your future hiring. Show them your home and where they need to leave their things. Ask if they have anything to add or ask you and make sure you provide them with emergency information.

After the Hiring:

The real job comes after you pick the proper candidate. The relationship between you and the babysitter should be on the highest level. Respect them as a member of your family and make sure they are satisfied with being your employee. Be the boss, but don’t act rude and inappropriate. If you don’t act as you should,, keep in mind that they can terminate this business relation, too. If you are happy with their work, make sure you tell them because they want to hear that in order to prove themselves more tomorrow. Honor the agreement. Don’t make adjustments because nobody wants that. Give tips if they deserve them and if you can do that. If you treat them as your friend with a lot of respect, you have found your life-long friend and you will have a long and strong relationship.