Mothers nowadays have huge difficulties in deciding what they really need to buy for their newborn baby and what is just splurging. The baby market is filled with baby products for every occasion, so the decision-making is really hard for parents. Here, you’ll find a short but not definite list of baby products and things that should be most important for your baby.

From baby clothes, you’ll need all-in-one suits, vests and body suits that can be combined together or worn on their own when the weather is hot. Don’t forget that cardigans are important for your baby just as they are important for you. One cozy hat will be enough for winter and cold days. If the all-in-one suits cover the legs of your baby, then you won’t need socks.

Nappies are probably the most important thing. You will change your baby’s nappies 10 or 12 times a day, so you’ll need to stock on enough nappies. You’ll also need wet wipes and nappy sacks. If you use reusable nappies, then you’ll probably need around 15. Try to have one package of disposable nappies, just in case.

Breastfeeding moms will need breast pads and nursing bras. If you’re bottle-feeding your baby, then you’ll need teats, bottle brushes, different types of bottles and a sterilizer.

Newborn Baby

For the baby’s bedding you’ll need a crib, a Moses basket or a cot. For the cot, you will have to buy fitted bottom sheet, a sleeping bag, blankets and sheets.

For the baby’s baths, you will need a towel, a baby cleanser and cotton flannels. You will also have to think about a pushchair or a pram that you’ll need for travelling and also a car seat.

These things are some of the most important stuff you’ll need. But, you’ll also need a hanging bag for packing everything and carrying it with you, a changing mat and wet wipes that will be inside the bag and you’ll use them when you’re not home. This is only a short list with the things that you’ll need for your baby starting from the first day. After that, as the months will pass by, you will start using new stuff, throwing away old stuff, buying new and trying out cool new products. It all depends on you and your baby’s habits.