Because babies grow really fast, parents have to buy baby clothes often. Baby clothes can be very expensive and parents find themselves spending a lot of money on clothes that can be worn for only one or two months. Doctors say that during the first year, babies triple their initial weight. They also increase their length by fifty percent. That is a lot of growing and a lot of new clothes for only one year. First, they buy newborn sized clothes, then 3-6 month sizes and all the way up to 24 month sizes. Babies demand a lot of things such as products, special food, toys etc. If you want to save a few dollars you can cut down on the clothes expenses.

You can do that by buying second hand clothes. There are a lot of stores that offer clothes that have been previously worn but are in great state. But, sometimes you will want to but something new for your baby. You may not be able to find the perfect little dress for a birthday or some other party. However, don’t worry because there is a solution for everything. There is a way to find new clothes for your baby for a cheaper price. You can even find designer styled clothes.

The first thing you need to know is where you need to shop. You don’t even have to go out to shop. You can do all that online. There are many sites like that allow you to pick the outfit you wish to purchase and get it delivered home for a low price.

baby clothes


On this particular website, you can find baby clothes from famous brands that can sometimes be even 85 % off. Depending on the period of the year the discounts can vary from 20 % to 85 %. This website was founded by two New Yorkers who believed that there are too many overpriced clothes and some parents find themselves in a position where they can’t find cheap but beautiful clothes for their child. If you are in the mood to go for a walk you can check out stores like Gap, Old Navy, Costco and Children’s Place. In these stores you can find baby clothes on sales.

You can go to a warehouse club like Costco and get a good deal on baby clothes as well. Another website where you can find baby clothes is The founder of this website, Kyle James, advises parents that if they see a price that ends with odd numbers then the item is discounted and it is the best price you can get for that piece of clothing. Another thing you can do is buy one or two sizes bigger clothes for your baby. The baby will grow fast so you will save on buying the same shirt in two different sizes in three months. Another thing that is important for baby clothes is that you need to wash them correctly so they don’t shrink.