Baby food can be really expensive. Right after your baby starts eating solid food, the grocery list will be getting bigger and bigger. This is the period of time when the food looks so expensive to you. According to the latest research by Baby Center, baby food can reach up to $100 per month. Your baby starts to eat a few times in one day and with the cost of $1 per baby jar, you can calculate the expense. Another research by Baby Bargains says that an average baby eats 600 baby food jars. Parents, be prepared because the Department of Agriculture already pointed out that one of the major expenses for having a baby is the food. Don’t worry because we came out with several ways how to save a few dollars on the baby food.

Portion Sizes

You must stop thinking that your baby is always hungry. Don’t force him to eat and watch the sizes of the portions. The problem is your eyes are bigger than your baby’s stomach. The recommended serving size is about ¼ of the size of your portion size. So, instead of giving him a whole yogurt can which is good for you, try giving him ¼ and see how the baby will react.

Baby Food

Planning the meals

Your baby won’t mind eating the same healthy food. This story is for those who think their baby should be overweight. If you put some thought in it and plan everything upfront, you will see the options. If you give him cheerios or regular oatmeal or even a banana for breakfast, the baby will enjoy it more than you think. According to a baby book author, adult applesauce is way cheaper than baby applesauce and has the same nutritional benefits. Make sure your baby is not allergic to anything you eat or you are giving him to eat.

Always search for the best deals

Finding the best deals doesn’t mean being cautious. It’s called smart shopping. Try for comparison shopping, finding coupons and buying in bulk. You will definitely save the effort and spending so much money on the same food. Why buying something double the price when you can have it much cheaper? These deals are available everywhere around you. You can find them in the grocery store and on your computer. Don’t hesitate to make a research. You are still doing what’s best for your baby.