A disposable diaper or a nappy is probably one of the best inventions of mankind. If your parents were old-fashioned, most probably, you wore cloth diapers. Cloth diapers were made of cotton and were washed after each use – it was such a stressful job for parents. But ever since disposable diapers were invented, life became easier – given that there are also baby diaper services available nowadays.

Very Helpful Indeed

This invention has helped millions of lives – of children, parents, grandparents or even nannies. A disposable diaper has a lot of functions. First, it lightens the job of the parents by making their lives easier; they just have to make their child wear a diaper and voila, the child’s discharges can be easily thrown away. Second, it helps us save the Earth. The number of disposable diapers every day fills the gaps of landfills. Not only does it make parents’ lives easier but it benefits the whole world as well. And lastly, it is very convenient. We live in a world where everybody wants convenience. The norms that they usually agree on are the ones that are convenient for them. Like let’s say fast food chains or espressos.

Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers

The use of cloth diapers is cheaper compared to the disposable diaper. Mainly because you can use them for several times; you only need to wash them thoroughly. Although they could possibly give rashes to the child, a lot of parents still believe that it is better to be old-fashioned and savvy than to spend so much on expensive diapers. However, a greater amount of today’s population believes that disposable diapers are better than cloth diapers. Why? Because it is very practical in a sense that it takes very little time for parents.

A lot of debates are going on about what’s better than the other but in the end, it will always depend on the benefit it will bring to the consumer. Some strongly believe in cloth diapers but then, there are also some who strongly believe in the disposable ones. Practicality is key. In this day and age, we cannot afford to waste time anymore. Let us go for the choice that will make our lives easier. Make use of the double D’s – give your baby what he or she needs. Use the disposable diaper and be stress-free!