The Central Statistics Office in Ireland released the figures about the most popular names in the country in 2013. The figures say the most popular names were Jack and Emily.

Jack has been in the top 5 for the most popular names for boys since 1998. Emily is on the top spot for the third year in a row.

After Emily, the other names following are Amelia, Emma, Ella and Sophie. This means that Irish people like more simple and classic names, unlike US citizen who opt for more showy and unique names.

The top 5 names for boys are Sean, James, Daniel, Jack and Conor. Their order on the list has changed very little since 2012.

The funny question people will ask is why are not names like Arya, Joffrey or Khaleesi popular? This shows that Irish fans of Game of Thrones are not such huge fans like the Americans. In 2012, 146 baby girls in America had been named Khaleesi. The fans of Game of Thrones know that this is the name of the famous dragon queen from the hit TV series on HBO.

In Ireland, some of the more exotic names that found their places on the top 100 list of popular baby names in 2013 were Kai and Kayden.

Jack and Emily

Picking baby names can often be a thing of the nationality of the parents rather than popularity. Parents living in Ireland have also chosen Noah for their baby boys.

Some of the popular girls’ names in Ireland were also Caoimhe, Grace, Mia, Sarah, Kate, Rachel, Ava, Hannah, Julia and Emma.

The CSO released yet another list – the list of the most popular names in Ireland in 1963. At these times, it seems like John and Mary were topping the list and were most popular. Only in 1963, 3 892 baby boys got the name John, and 3 721 baby girl got the name Mary.

The other popular names for boys in 1963 were Michael, Patrick, James and Paul. The other popular names for girls in 1963 were Catherine, Anne, Margaret and Ann.

In 2013, the name John was placed on number 27, which keeps the name in the top 30. Mary ranked number 81.