Carrot baby food can be given to babies that are of 6 to 8 months. You can ask your pediatrician about it regarding the right feeding pattern for your baby. Children are different from each other. The introduction of carrots differs from one baby to the next. Carrots are a good source of beta carotene. Carotenoid can be found in it. It is a dark pigment that is pure of Vitamin A. This vitamin is important in the development of your baby. Usually, carrots are considered one of the first baby foods. They are full of vitamins and minerals and they baby’s stomach can digest it.

Selection and Preparation of Homemade Carrot Food

Carrots are best when being purchased as organic. It doesn’t contain a lot of pesticides. You need to find carrots that have minimal sprouting. If there is something growing at the top, it means that the carrots have been purchased for awhile. It is also good to refrigerate carrot baby food to preserve crispness and flavor. Steaming is best done to prepare and cook these. Beta carotene is readily available and absorbed by the body. You can put a little bit of butter so that the Vitamin A will be easily absorbed.

When making baby food purees, these carrots are best served when peeled. The skin will most likely not be digested by infants. There might be some chemicals in the skin unless it is organic. Use a vegetable brush if possible and scrub it gently under running water.

The Use of Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are harvested by technology. It came from adult carrots and it was just chopped from it. Some growers put green coloring at the stem. You should read the packaging. You might just find yourself reading a label that says “baby cut”. These carrots are cleansed with a special solution that contains chlorine. It is best for babies to feed them adult carrot baby food and peel them.

Carrots are nutritious and healthy. Babies like its texture and creaminess when served. It can be served steamed or purees. It can be given soft depending upon the recipe. Remember that it should be cleaned before serving. For the safety of your baby, peel the skin to remove bacteria and chemicals that might be hiding underneath. Refrigerate it to preserve its life. Do not forget to check for organic markets before purchasing at the supermarket. Look for recipes that you can cook for carrot baby food.