Being practical is one of the most important traits a parent should have which is why you should learn how to make your own homemade baby products. Your baby needs to be squeaky clean: the dirt and the dust-bunnies are the terrible twos. In order to avoid them, your baby needs protection. Two of the most essential are your baby powder and a solution for diaper rashes – since most babies go through rashes when they use diapers. Here’s a run through of these two easy-to-make solutions.

Effective Concoctions

Homemade baby products are usually the most effective. Not only is it personally tried and tested but the effects are instant. Albeit it will be a very messy job preparing, you will surely enjoy experimenting. First is how to make your homemade baby powder. Gather together one-half cup of arrowroot powder and one teaspoon chamomile or calendula flower (powdered in the blender). Start by powdering the chamomile or calendula flower. Then after, mix it together with the arrowroot powder. Store it in a glass container and use it regularly but one caution is that you should not put it on your baby’s tender parts. Then, that’s it.

Second is the diaper rash cream. For cloth diaper users, this is very effective. Commercial diaper creams is a no-no for cloth diapering. Mainly because the fish oil will remain no matter many times you launder the diapers. So it is best to use this tried and tested formula that will relieve your baby’s rashes.

Gather one cup of coconut oil, one tablespoon of calendula flowers, one tablespoon of chamomile flowers, and one-fourth cup of shea butter. Start by heating a couple inches of water over medium high heat in a small saucepan. Melt the coconut oil in a glass bowl. Add the calendula and chamomile flowers. Until the coconut oil has turned to yellow and the aroma of the flowers arises, keep the heat going on low medium for an hour. Carefully, strain the flowers out. Use a blender to mash and mix the infused coconut oil with the shea butter. That’s quite it! Blend until it makes an airy, velvety cream. Then after, store it in a small container. This is one of the homemade baby products that even apply to adults who have yeast infections.

Savvy and Practical

There’s nothing wrong with being savvy and practical. What is important is that your child is comfortable and safe. After all, a trip to the hospital is equal to one week’s worth of grocery. Think wisely and start being savvy. Relive the scientist in you and try out these concoctions by creating your own homemade baby products!