Empty jars are perfect for craft making sessions – the boring baby food jar bottles can be turned into practical and interesting pieces by making baby food jar crafts. There are a lot of awesome ideas available all over but if you are the practical type, you would probably consider these examples. You can turn the food jars into simple spice containers, candle light holders or a supply jar. These crafts are very simple so if you know how to follow instructions, then there really is nothing to worry about. You only need to find the artist in you.

Keeping Your Kitchen Neat

When people visit your home, you should always make sure that your kitchen is squeaky clean. A little tip is that you should keep a neat drawer for your spices. How to do that? Simply gather a lot of your used small jars (preferably the ones with the same sizes), black spray paint, chalk, and your own handwriting. Start by spraying over all the covers of the jars. When the paint is already dry, fill the jar with the specific spice you want to place. Lastly, write on the jar’s cover. This is one of the most practical baby food jar crafts that you can do.

Exert Some Creativity and Effort

Making baby food jar crafts needs a bit of effort and creativity but it is not that hard. Next up is the candle tea light holders. Gather small jars, spray paint (whatever color you want), painter’s tape, alphabet stickers, ribbons and tea light candles. Start by sticking the letters you want in your desired location on the jar. Then after, spray the jar with two or three thin coats of spray paint. Once it dries, peel off the tape and the stickers. Secure a cute ribbon at the rim of the jar and secure it with double-sided tape. Place the candles inside then that’s it.

The last practical way of using baby food jars is making supply jars out of it. If you are an artist or probably just a person who is very keen about his or her things, you should create a supply jars (or jars, for that matter). Gather baby food jars, desk supplies (such as paper clips, rubber bands, etc), double-sided tape and a desk under shelf. Start by putting the supplies separately in each jar. Secure double-sided tape on top of all the covers and then stick them into the desk under shelf. Then, that’s it. Definitely a good way to make baby food jar crafts.