Toddlers are usually the ones who are hard to feed – which is why parents should seek fun toddler food ideas that they could use. These kids seek entertainment and fun so if you serve him a platter that has plain rice and a hotdog, he or she would not eat it because it looks boring – not unless if they are really hungry. Cooking is an exhausting task but these ideas should give you no sweat at all. These food ideas will definitely tickle your child’s tummy.

At Your Fingertips

Finger foods are the easiest ones to do – a bit of this and that, then voila, your little one’s tummy will be very satisfied. Children these days are usually very picky when it comes to eating. There are a lot of toddler food ideas around the internet. The easiest among the bunch is the sweet potato waffle fries. Gather together two tablespoons of shredded carrot, one tablespoon of sweet and sour sauce and one-eight teaspoon of salt into a three-fourth cup of cooked brown rice. Add two tablespoons of rice mixture onto a thin slice of deli roast beef. Finish it with slices of red pepper and avocado, then roll it up! Once you are done rolling, slice the rolls diagonally. Serve it with a smile!

Fruit Friendly

Pears are extremely rich and famous for having fiber. Fiber helps your child’s digestion develop well. Pear Pinwheels are the easiest among all the other toddler food ideas that involves fruits. Not only are they easy to make but it is also very nutritious. Gather together whole-wheat tortillas, cheddar cheese (grated) and thinly sliced and peeled pear. Start by placing one whole wheat tortilla on a plate. Sprinkle it with cheddar cheese and cover it with pear slices. On top of the pear slices, sprinkle more cheese. Microwave it for 30 seconds, or until the cheese is melted. Roll, then cut into slices. This recipe is truly the easiest!

There are a lot more ideas around but stick with these so that you would not have a hard time. Raising a child is already a hard job so preparing your child’s food should give you no stress at all. But of course, you should still take your child’s nutrition seriously. Make sure that your little one gets what his or her body needs. It’s good to be fun and fearless, so you could try creating your own toddler food ideas, too.