The popular movie Frozen has proven to be not only popular amongst kids and teenagers, but with expecting moms and their husbands, too. Names taken out of the movie have become very popular for newborn babies.

According to and their database consisting of 555 000 names, Anna and Elsa are the most popular ones for baby girls amongst the parents. From 2013 up ‘till now in 2014, the name Elsa came out of nowhere and at this point, it has seen an increase of 34%, which means it is becoming more and more popular. In 2013, Elsa found its place on number 278 on the rank list for baby names, but now in 2014, it has ranked on number 183 which marks the name’s popularity. So, this shows that Princess Elsa, voiced by IdinaMenzel, is probably everyone’s favorite character from the movie Frozen.

Anna has also seen a rise in its popularity but not an impressive one like that of Elsa, and not with that kind of fast speed. As BabyCenter claims, this is so only because Anna was a popular name way before Elsa and Frozen. Anna was number 37 in 2013 and now it is number 35.


The Global Editor in Chief of BabyCenter, Linda Murray, the names Anna and Elsa from Frozen show the creative and playful side of every parent. The characters in the movie are strong and loved by everyone, so moms get a chance for a fresh and new name for their babies. According to her, Emma has been in the top 10 so many times in the past years. On the opposite, Elsa is something new and unique in a way. Parents say this name feels more modern and that is why they have chosen it for their daughters.

Also, BabyCenter reports that this is not the first case of a movie and the characters’ names to take over the baby world. Other popular movies that had the same effect are “50 Shades of Grey”, “The Hunger Games” and even “Duck Dynasty” – a reality show.

When it comes to boy names, according to BabyCenter, the most popular are Hans and Christof. So, if you are an expecting parent and haven’t decided on the baby’s name yet, these names may just be the thing you were waiting for.