The best moment for all mothers is when they come out of the hospital, go home with their little princesses or princes and take them into their small baby nursery rooms. The process of creating and decorating the baby nursery can be a long process and there are a lot of things you should think about like what do you need and what would only be a splurge.

When starting with the process of creating the baby nursery, the shop assistants in the baby shops will show you lots of baby catalogs with colorful baby bedding sets, baby clothing and baby furniture for the nursery. It will look really tempting to you imagining your prince or princess living in their wonderfully decorated little kingdom.  You can do this only if you have an unlimited budget. If not, then you’ll have to make some choices because the price of all that will be too high. You’ll have to decide what you really need.

First, decide where in the house the baby nursery will be and see how much space you’ve got. Some couples like the idea of having the baby in their bedroom for the first few months. This will make it easier for them to hear the baby crying in the middle of the night. So, for the first few months, the baby nursery will probably be only for storing clothes and toys and the baby will not sleep there. If you have more rooms available in your house, pick the one that’s closest to your bedroom for a baby nursery.

Baby Nursery

You shouldn’t feel disappointed if you have a very low budget for the baby nursery, you can still decorate it by your taste. Paint the walls in light colors like pale pink for girls and pale blue for boys. Or, if you plan on having more kids, paint the walls with pale peach or lemon. The walls can also be decorated with kids’ wall stickers to make it look like a child’s room.

When it comes to picking the baby nursery furniture you’ll probably need: drawers for clothing, a toy box, one soft carpet, nursing chair, a crib – which will probably be placed in your bedroom, a changing table and a baby blanket for playing. The furniture does not have to be new. The boxes for toys, for example, can be secondhand.

Aside from the furniture, the color of the walls or the wall stickers, the most important thing will be the love and joy that will be spread around the room with the baby, the love atmosphere and the care that you will give to your child.