One of the very important things that mothers should have for their babies is the baby bottle. A baby bottle with a teat can be a good alternative for breastfeeding especially if you and your baby are travelling. There are different kinds of baby bottle. Most of them come in different colors and different sizes and even shapes. Since these baby bottles can greatly affect the health of the babies, it would be good for the parents to choose the best baby bottle in a cheaper price. In this way, both the parent and the baby can benefit from it.

Qualities of a Good Baby Bottle
There are lots of qualities that every parent should watch out for a good baby bottle. As a matter of fact, there are two major kinds of baby bottle, the glass bottle and the unbreakable plastic. These days, the glass bottle is no longer popular because of its heavy weight and can easily be broken. The unbreakable plastic is now the widely used baby bottle because of its advantages. Aside from it is very light to use, there are also less worry because when you accidentally drop it, it won’t shatter. But despite these advantages with the plastic bottle, there are also some disadvantages with it like some chemicals that might contaminate the baby formula.

Best Baby Bottle Brand
For the newly parents, you can trust some branded baby bottles for your babies. You may try the brand Avent, Doctor Brown’s Natural Flow, Playtex, Evenflow, First Essentials, Gerber, Munchkin and Nuk. For the shapes and colors of the baby bottle, you can have some tests with your baby because sometimes, your baby might be very particular of the shape of the bottle. For the size, it would be very convenient to have a not so big bottle because it would be difficult to handle so, a smaller bottle could be better.

Choosing a baby bottle can be very interesting because it can also help parents know about the preference of their baby. Since there are already lots of baby bottles to choose from, it would be very beneficial to the parents to choose the best quality bottle with a cheaper price. In this way, the health of the baby won’t be disregarded as well the saving pockets of the parents won’t put into waste. Every parent should cleverly choose the best baby bottle for their babies.