Bugaboo became a huge brand when it comes to strollers for babies. Parents went crazy when they saw the first multi-functional baby stroller released by this company. Many of the experts and parents can say that Bugaboo set the standard for what needs to be a modern way of raising your child. By buying the Bugaboo baby stroller you will get everything you need for your baby only in one stroller. Multi-functionality quickly became the newest trend in this industry and the game went crazy. If you are a company that produces normal baby strollers these days you will be eaten up by the competition.

As you can conclude from the beginning of this post, Bugaboo is the leader when it comes to baby strollers. The baby stroller war is in its advanced stages and this brand is leading the battles. Their design was quickly recognized by many parents worldwide and they are here to surprise them with new design. The company behind this brand thought that parents need something new which will give major lead to the company in this war. This new “weapon” is called the “Banana” Baby Stroller.


The whole name of this new baby stroller is “The Bugaboo X Andy Warhol Cameleon 3 “Banana” and it could be the next favorite thing when it comes to parenting. Bugaboo used their older Cameleon Buggy 3 for building up this new project. They decided to go with yellow color for this one and put that extra banana motif from Nico and Velvet Undergrond’s cover for their album. This stroller is for toddlers and newborns. It’s a worthy investment and the target group is now bigger and includes parents who are fans of Velvet Underground.

This Cameleon 3 Buggy also comes with many additional parts and accessories. The feature this new baby stroller uses in its advantage is the lightweight design. It’s easy to pack and really compact. Parents, especially mothers, will love this. If you want to get more information about this new baby stroller you can visit Bugaboo’s official website. You can find everything you need to know about the new Banana stroller.