We still haven’t made it clear which role is more stressful, whether it’s the mom whose baby won’t stop crying or the passenger sitting next to them. Let’s make something clear, all babies are not the same. There are some babies or toddlers who can’t travel with airplanes, but there are others who are peaceful enough that you can’t even hear them breathing. To be honest with you, even I am little upset when it comes to traveling in the air. Flying with your baby is not an easy thing to do and that’s why all passengers need to understand that babies are crying sometimes when they think they need to do it. We decided to give you few advices how to keep your baby from crying during a trip.

If you are a parent, you already know that your baby could cry for various reasons. You need to be capable of reacting quickly if you want to stop your baby from crying. Sit comfortable and make sure your baby is comfortable enough. Check if your baby is wet or dry, hungry, warm, bored or cold. It’s really important to be prepared for all of these occasions. If the view is calming the baby down, then put him/her in the window seat, but if the sunlight is getting through the window and makes the baby cry then close the window shade. If any of this fails to calm the baby down, don’t get bothered by all those looks towards you to calm him/her down. Most people on that plane had or will have a baby in their hands sooner or later. At least you’ve tried and I’m sure the passengers will get over it.

Baby on Board

It’s not always that the baby is bored, hungry or maybe wet. Sometimes it’s the pain inside of their ears that’s causing them to cry. For example, let’s talk about ear pain. I know many of you had felt ear pain while you were in the air. This pain is the most dreaded thing when it comes to air travel. The ears are very sensitive when you are changing pressure and it can happen to all of us. The trick is we know how to deal with it, but babies are crying because it’s something new for them. Pain, difficult hearing and discomfort are the three main symptoms of this situation. The noise level could be reduced with small cotton balls. Make sure you have several of them if your trip is long. Small earplugs will also do the trick for decreasing the decibel level your baby could experience during the flight. It will be easier for the baby to relax or sleep.